v i t a i v i c i c is a creative studio where blooming flowers are transferred on the fabric and timeless garments are designed for conscious individuals who care about the nature. Founded by Vita Ivičič an artistic force behind the brand. Growing up surrounded with fields and forest while helping on a small family farm her fondness and fascination towards nature has been growing ever since.

 Exploring gardens, fields, forests looking for plants and flowers in their full bloom is part of Vita’s life. She is in constant search to find her place and meaning in a fast paced and superficial world we are currently living in. By taking her time to make and dye the cloth herself, buy it from small independent mills, use antique fabric she finds on flea markets she acknowledges craftsmen and gives additional meaning to her garments. 

One of her most beloved and signature technique to work with is botanical printing, for which she won award for the most innovative and experimental collection at Mittelmoda fashion competition in 2017 in Milan, Italy.

As trained textile designer she puts a great deal of attention into materials and fabrics her clothes are made of and is countiniously looking for rare textiles and techniques of making fabric. From Japanese Kibisu silk to completely handmade Slovenian and Croatian antique linen, some of which is more than hundred years old and was “lost” in attics for decades. Many pieces are hand-knitted or hand-woven. Her aim is to create garments which last for a long period of time, are passed from generation to generation and have exclusive and personal meaning to the owner. 

After completing Textile Design degree at Chelsea College of Art & Design and Central Saint Martins in London she returned back to Slovenia where she is now living and creating.